Pets and Kennels

The City of North St Paul requires anyone with three or more dogs, and no more than five, to apply for a no-cost Kennel License and meet animal welfare standards as set by City Ordinance. 

Kennel licenses are valid for two years and require current rabies vaccination records for each dog.

Apply for a Kennel License

Applying for a kennel license from the City of North St. Paul is easy and secure.

  • Create a user account on our Citizen Services Platform
  • Complete the license application online
  • Easily upload your pet's vaccination records
  • City staff will review your application and let you know if any other information is needed.

Apply for Kennel License

Pet Licenses

The City of North St. Paul does not require licenses or registration for domestic cats or dogs.

Domestic Animals Running at Large

Animals running at large in the City of North St. Paul are a nuisance and are prohibited by City Code. Animals found running at large shall be impounded and their owners may incur additional costs.

Feral or Community Cats

The Animal Humane Society identifies a feral cat as "the offspring of lost or abandoned pet cats, or other feral cats who are not spayed or neutered. Feral cats are not accustomed to contact with people and are typically too fearful and wild to be safely handled. Feral cats do not usually adapt to living as pets in close contact with people or other pets. For more information on Feral Cats and how they are managed, visit the Animal Humane Society