Resident Resources

Emergency Assistance: Help with rent/mortgage and utilities during COVID-19  

You may be concerned about interruptions in your income and paying your bills. Ramsey County is here to help with Emergency Assistance (EA) and Emergency General Assistance (EGA).

Emergency Assistance helps adults with children, and pregnant women.

Emergency General Assistance helps adults without children.

EA and EGA help with shelter, such as past due rent, a damage deposit, or to stop foreclosure. EA and EGA also help pay for utilities, when there is threat of disconnection. Utilities include electricity, heat, and water.

Assistance Eligibility

You may be eligible for EA/EGA if you do not have enough resources to resolve your crisis and you can show that you have enough income to pay bills moving forward.


  • If you ARE receiving public assistance (SNAP, healthcare, or cash assistance through Ramsey County), call your caseworker or 651-266-4444 for an application. There is a short application for clients with active cases.
  • Financial Assistance workers can help you Monday–Friday from 8:30 a.m.– 4 p.m. via phone at 651-266-4444.
  • They cannot decide if you are eligible for emergency help but can answer general questions and review your application. They can also send you a paper application.
  • For questions about eligibility or application status, call the EA/EGA hotline at 651-266-4884.

EA/EGA Eligibility Updates Effective May 13, 2020

  • EA and EGA programs have suspended the rule about how often assistance may be obtained (usually only once in a 12 month period). You can apply for EA/EGA even if you have already received help within the past 12 months.
  • EA/EGA provides assistance for past due rent/mortgage, damage deposit or utilities. Those seeking help with utility bills should apply first for energy assistance through Community Action Partnership of Ramsey & Washington Counties. Visit
  • Both emergency programs have maximum limits of what dollar amount can be paid; these amounts have been increased. Please speak with your financial worker about what you need; if it is still more than EA or EGA can help with, we can refer you to other community agencies who can assist with additional funds.
  • Some other regular eligibility requirements have also been suspended. Your worker can explain these to you in detail.

More Information and online application documents are available from Ramsey County.