Police Community Programs & Events

National Night Out

National Night Out is an annual nationwide event generally hosted on the first Tuesday in August. National Night Out encourages our community to host block parties and other social gatherings to get to know their neighbors and to encourage crime prevention.

Planning Your Event

  • Get to know your neighbors
  • Request Police and Fire visits for your gathering or block party.
  • Register Your National Night Out Event

Neighborhood Crime Watch 

Neighborhood Crime Watch is a partnership between our citizens and City Staff and our elected officials from the City of North St. Paul. Neighborhood Watch is a defined geographical neighborhood where residents work together to determine what behaviors are, or are not acceptable in their neighborhood. Each Neighborhood watch area is assigned an officer they can work with to be partners in crime prevention and to meet the needs of the community.

Starting a Neighborhood Watch Group

Starting a Neighborhood Watch Group is easy. Representatives from the North St. Paul Police Department will conduct the first meeting to help you:

  • Identify issues facing your neighborhood
  • Set up your Neighborhood Watch Program
  • Identify a Block Captain who will act as a liaison to the neighborhood and the Police Department.

Setting Up a Neighborhood Watch Meeting

  • Contact the City of North St. Paul Neighborhood Watch coordinator at 651-747-2504
  • Determine your Block Watch area—usually around 30 residences, but smaller or larger groups are welcome to schedule a meeting
  • Select a meeting date and time. Neighborhood Watch meetings are held in the evening and last under two hours.
  • Identify a location for the kick-off meeting. Consider using a public space at City Hall, a local park, school, library, or church.
  • Invite your neighbors. The Neighborhood Watch coordinator has access to contact information for your area.

Once your group is active consider other locations and activities like ice-cream social, potlucks, kiddie parades, and more. Contact the City in advance so barricades are in place and so our Police and Fire Departments can attend

Earn Your Sign

Once your neighborhood Watch Group is established, let us know and the City will post a sign in your neighborhood.