North St. Paul Code of Conduct

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Our Code of Conduct

The City of North St. Paul emphasizes value in public service, leadership and decision-making while promoting and maintaining and environment which fosters the public’s trust and confidence. This Code of Conduct reflects and reinforces the cornerstone of our values and represents the high ethical standards that we encourage from the City Council, City Staff and our customers. This is our statement of what we strive to achieve and what we desire in return from our customers.


Value differences, ideas and opinions in a professional and courteous manner that cultivates a positive experience.


Act with a high standard of honesty, values, principals, dignity and ethical behavior.


Exchange accurate, timely and clear information while providing extraordinary customer service.


Engage in a collaborative manner that creates an open and honest dialogue to build strong relationships and mutual understanding.


Respect all those we interact with by living our shared goals and supporting an open and diverse environment.


Respond thoughtfully and attentively to concerns, requests and questions while striving to provide resolutions.


Embody actions that ensure a safe, inviting, professional and respectful environment.