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BizRecycling is a public program of Ramsey/Washington Recycling & Energy (R&E). Through R&E, Ramsey and Washington counties have worked together to manage waste responsibly since the 1980s. The two counties strive to protect health and the environment and meet the state’s 75% recycling goal.
BizRecycling launched in 2013 to help businesses start and improve organics (food waste) collections. Over time, BizRecycling expanded to support waste reduction and recycling efforts. In 2019, residential apartment buildings became eligible for technical assistance and grants. Since their start, they have reached over 4,000 local businesses with information, customized improvement plans, and grant funding. Over $6 million dollars in grants have been invested into local businesses to help them manage their waste in an environmentally preferred manner. These community investments have resulted in 449 businesses starting to collect food scraps and over 1,000 businesses started or expanded recycling. With their help, these businesses are diverting a combined 14 million pounds of waste (that’s about 500 garbage trucks) from the trash every year.


Waste Reduction & Innovation Grants: Up to $50,000 for eligible businesses, schools, and colleges to reduce waste through reuse, technology enhancements or production redesign.

Food Recovery Grants:  Up to $20,000 for eligible food businesses, food shelves and farmers markets to recover surplus edible food to distribute to people in need.

Recycling Grants:  Up to $10,000 for eligible businesses and up to $20,000 for eligible apartment buildings to improve recycling and food waste collection.

Bin-Only Grants:  Helps small businesses kickstart or improve recycling and organics collection with up to $2,500 in trash, recycling, and organics bins and equipment.

Organics Reward:  Up to $5,000 reimbursement of hauling costs for businesses who improve their food scraps collections.

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