Silver Lake Improvement Association

The Silver Lake Improvement Association (SLIA) is a nonprofit organization with the purpose of promoting programs that enhance the water quality, recreational use and natural beauty of Silver Lake in North St. Paul, Maplewood, Oakdale, Minnesota.

The association is governed by its members represented by seven board members.  Board meetings are held every other month.  A meeting of the full membership is held each February.  For more information visit Silver Lake Improvement Association Website.

Current Members

  • Paul Nichol, President
  • Joyce Germscheid, Vice President / Membership
  • Cheryl Ettlinger, Treasurer
  • Kristen Rieser, Secretary
  • John Muller - Member at Large
  • Rick Gelbmann - Member at Large
  • Open - Member at Large
  • Tim Cole, Council Representative
Silver Lake at Sunset
Silver Lake Beach