Adopt Your Local Storm Drain

Help Keep our Lakes and Ponds Clean

A big part of protecting our waterways is right on our streets. Leaves, dirt, garbage and anything that gets left on the street can wash down storm drains and go untreated into our lakes and ponds. When it rains, stormwater carries grass clippings, leaves, cigarette butts, pesticides, fertilizers, antifreeze, paint, gasoline, motor oil and animal waste directly into lakes, ponds, creeks and eventually along to the Mississippi.

What You can do to Help

Although North St. Paul does not yet have a formal “Adopt-a-Drain” program, you can take charge of your local storm drain. Everyone can adopt a drain in their neighborhood and help protect lakes and streams. Keep it clear by checking it regularly, then clearing any accumulated leaves, clippings and trash. If you notice the drain beneath the grate has material in it, don't try to remove the grate – contact Public Works at 651-747-2409 and the City will clean it. Never put anything down a storm drain. It’s for rain and melting snow only. Be a clean water hero and share the message with your neighbors.