Accounts Payable

Doing business with the City of North St. Paul


Accounts Payable is responsible for the payment of invoices for goods and services purchased by the City of North St. Paul. All purchases must be made in accordance with the North St. Paul City Code and the Financial Policies and Procedures.

Invoices & Payments

The City payment policy has several approval steps. All approved invoices will be released immediately following City Council approval. City Council meetings are traditionally held on the first and third Tuesday of each month. The disbursement listing can be found on the City Council Agenda. In order for Accounts Payable to process checks on time, the approved paperwork must be turned into Accounts Payable no later than noon on Wednesday prior to the week of the check run. Vendors can also submit invoices electronically. Email Accounts Payable.

Payment Processing

  • Include Itemized prices for individual charges
  • List shipping and/or handling charges separately. Do not bill separately.
  • Do not include sales tax, unless purchases are made by the city-run electric department. Generally, most purchases made by government agencies are tax-exempt. If you need clarification please contact Accounts Payable.
  • Statements should only include the balances that are due for payment.

IRS Reporting

The City is required to report payments of $600 or more per calendar year to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). We therefore require all vendors to fill out a Form W-9 to verify the vendor’s reporting status and tax identification number (TIN). Completed W-9 forms are required prior to the City of North St. Paul issuing payment. Failure to furnish a correct TIN may be subject to a $50 penalty. We will mail a Form 1099-MISC to all vendors where reporting is required by January 31. If you find any discrepancies with your records, please contact us so that we may make corrections before we transmit our information to the IRS by March 31.

We make every effort to process your invoices in a timely manner. If you are experiencing any problems, please contact Accounts Payable via email or directly at 651-747-2430.