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Local business, GrafficTraffic sells apparel and other items with the City's logo. Stop by their store located at 2275 McKnight Road, or call 651-770-7898.

Shop their online selection of City of North St. Paul merchandise here

The following items are available at City Hall:

  •  '55109' Tee Shirts - $15 (Adult S, M, L, XL, 2X) (Child S, M)
  •  Lapel Pins - $5
  •  Holiday Ornaments - $5

Updating the City's Branding

In January of 2015, North St. Paul unveiled a new City logo featuring the 44-foot snowman designed by the late Lloyd Koesling. With a renewed emphasis on community, our brand-refresh focused on highlighting our history and uniting us as a community. The goal of the project was to build on our history, instill pride and unite us as a community. Most importantly, we created an image that gives us instantaneous recognition – “that’s North St. Paul.”

Blue Tee Shirt with Snowman on it
Unveiling the new City logo