Redevelopment Master Plan

About the Plan
In June of 2012, consultant Hoisington Koegler Group Inc. began working with the City of North Saint Paul to strategize a master plan for the Diversified District bounded by McKnight Road, 7th Avenue East, Division Street/Century Avenue, and Highway 36. The purpose of the master plan was to coordinate the various redevelopment project opportunities with public investment and needed infrastructure improvements in the project area to help North Saint Paul move toward a vibrant economic future. The project was funded by a grant through the Metropolitan Council’s Livable Communities Account.

The final Master Plan (PDF) identified several concepts for redevelopment and included steps for the immediate, short, mid, and long-term. The key was to identify the vision and incorporate flexibility into the plan while providing the necessary concrete steps to kick-start redevelopment. The City Council officially adopted the plan in Spring 2013.