Minnesota GreenStep City

City Receives Third Step 

North St. Paul was recognized as a Minnesota GreenStep City receiving Step 3 of 4 at the League of Minnesota Cities Annual Conference in St. Paul on June 15, 2016 during a special GreenStep Cities Celebration. North St. Paul is taking steps in the direction of greater sustainability. Over the past year the City has achieved/implemented the 15 best practices required for the Step 3 award. Some of these best practices include: making no/low cost indoor lighting and operational changes in City-owned/school buildings to reduce energy costs; purchasing LEDs for all future street lighting and traffic signals; and developing a program to involve community members in hands-on land restoration and stewardship projects.

About GreenStep Cities

Minnesota GreenStep Cities is a voluntary challenge, assistance, and recognition program to help cities achieve their sustain ability and quality-of-life goals. This free continuous improvement program, managed by a public-private partnership, is based on 29 best practices. Each best practice can be implemented by completing one or more actions at a one, two or three-star level, from a list of four to eight actions. These actions are tailored to all Minnesota cities, focus on cost savings and energy use reduction, and encourage civic innovation. 

Details on the best practices the City has completed can be seen by visiting the GreenStep Cities website.