School Resource Officer Program

About the Program

The School Resource Officer Program (SRO) for 622 School District is assigned to North Senior High School in North St. Paul during regular school days and works out of the high school in conjunction with the administration of North High School. The officer also makes regular site visits to the 3 public elementary schools and the 2 parochial elementary schools in North St. Paul.
The SRO position, at minimum, is a one year commitment, but Officer DeCory’s goal is to see freshman students through to graduation—necessary for building a relationship with students, parents and staff. Her belief: high school prepares you for real life.

Officer DeCory will spend most of her work days at North High, but plans on visiting the elementary schools, creating a presence in the building. She strives to be approachable for students and someone they can approach with questions or concerns. You will see Officer DeCory in the cafeteria during lunches, present in the hallways, writing reports for medicals or thefts, enforcing the dress code and more. She is committed to making sure students are respectful to each other and that no bullying occurs.