Crime Mapping

Crime mapping is a visual tool to help law enforcement and our community access an overview of crime activity in our neighborhoods. Crime mapping tools help identify patterns, area of concern, and other information helpful to law enforcement and residents alike. The North St. Paul Police Department takes pride in making this information available to our community.

Crime Mapping Data

  • Most of the data use in crime mapping and analysis originates from the police dispatch database.
  • If a crime is committed the information goes into our crime management system.
  • If and when a perpetrator is caught, the incident is entered into the court database.
  • If convicted, information is entered into the corrections database, and possibly the parole database.

Data from all of these sources help us identify patterns and solve crime in our City.

View our Community Crime Map Data here

Ramsey County Dispatch Incident Dashboard

You can now view Ramsey County’s Dispatch dashboard including information on

  • 911 emergency and on-emergency calls
  • Internal calls and incidents generated by police, fire and ambulance services
  • Calls from other Ramsey County Emergency Communications Centers

View the monthly data here

Please note, this data is managed by Ramsey County Emergency Communications and not the City of North St. Paul.