Police Department


The North St. Paul Police Department proudly serves the public safety needs of the residents and visitors to our city—24 hours per day, seven days a week. 

We strive to work with our community to enhance and support everyone’s safety.

For emergency assistance call 911

For non-emergency needs call 651-767-0640

Community Policing

The North St. Paul Police Department is committed to Community Oriented Policing where we work to make connections between the department, our officers, residents, businesses, visitors and community. Through this commitment we are working to:

  • Identify community problems and concerns
  • Determine proper responses using a wide range of methods and resources available to our department
  • Build cooperative relationships with our officers and their “community areas”
  • Devise strategies to address problems
  • Work together to find acceptable solutions

Together, we develop ways to identify problems and concerns, and then determine the right response to those problems, utilizing a wide range of methods and resources available. 

We also assign officers to their own “community areas.” We divided the City into 16 Community Policing Partnership areas; each officer is assigned to one or more of these areas. It is a great way for our officers to really get to know the neighborhood and community. 

Please view our Community Partnership Map of the City for the name and contact information for the Officers assigned to the area.

We hope you will also use this map to expand our Neighborhood Watch Program so can all get to know our neighbors and better define our neighborhoods. For more information on how to form a Neighborhood Watch Group, please call the City at 651-747-2406.

We invite you to explore the many other services and programs available to support our community.