Rainwater Gardens

Benefits of Rainwater Gardens
The beauty and functionality of rainwater gardens are influencing more people to create them in residential and commercial areas.

Rain gardens have become more popular in residential areas in recent years with homeowners starting to see their value as an aesthetic feature and as a way to reduce nutrients in surface water runoff.  Rainwater gardens feature native grasses and flowers, and they protect water quality in lakes and streams by collecting surface water runoff.

Rainwater Garden Guidelines

In an effort to maximize the benefits of rainwater gardens, the City Council, with assistance of the City’s Environmental Advisory Commission, has developed the Rainwater Guidelines (PDF) for placing rain gardens within City Right-of-Way.

The guidelines apply to all parcels in all zoning districts, and they include a review process to ensure that rainwater gardens achieve lasting environmental benefits. Residents and business owners that go through the review process will receive a reduced surface water utility fee of 35%. Not all properties are suitable for rainwater gardens and would not be eligible for the program.

For More Information
For more information, please contact the Community Development Department at 651-747-2407.