Our Trees—City Forestry

The Forestry Division is responsible for the trees on North St. Paul's properties and right-of ways. The Forestry Division interacts with all other departments and divisions when trees are involved. The City is a designated Tree City USA. North St. Paul has also been recognized as a pollinator-friendly community.

The City Forester's focus is to control and prevent tree diseases, and identify hazardous trees. If you have a question about the health of your tree, contact the City Forester. Our Forestry Division approves of the large variety of species presented on the University of Minnesota page, and we hope this list will create a more diverse urban forest for our community. Moist cities recommend a basic list of 10-15 species.  If you have any questions about a certain species, please contact the Forestry Division at 651-747-2409.

Recommended Trees

Visit the University of Minnesota Extension website to find a list of recommended trees for the twin cities and southeast Minnesota. The webpage includes links where you may select a certain tree species based on specific characteristics you are looking for in a new tree for your yard. 

Tree Planting Guide

For your convenience the City of North St. Paul Forestry Division has a Tree Planting Guide (PDF). Learn the benefits of planting trees as well as how to plant a tree.

Tree Permit

Tree Permit (PDF)