Code Compliance - A division of the Fire Department

Duties & Responsibilities

North St. Paul Code Compliance is a division of the Fire Department that enforces property maintenance standards on properties city-wide. Code compliance officers strive to work on community education and awareness of code issues while working with property owners to address the issues.

The most frequent code violations involve: 

  1. Improper storage of trash containers
  2. Parking a vehicle on an unapproved surface
  3. Trash and debris on the property
  4. Tall grass/weeds in excess of 6”
  5. Yard maintenance concerns

Working Together 
Code Compliance Officers work with homeowners to establish a reasonable timeline to resolve the violation. The City strives to resolve as many code issues as possible without incurring undue costs or hardship on residents.

Code concerns or questions can be directed to the Fire Department’s Code Compliance line at (651)747-2439.

Please Note: Code Compliance Officers are in uniform and drive Fire / Community Development vehicles.

Submit Code Compliance Concerns
including noise complaints, garbage/refuse concerns here:

Report a Problem: Code Compliance Concerns Form

Subject Code Requirements
Accessory Structures
No more than 2 accessory buildings shall be constructed on a lot. The second accessory building shall not exceed 200 square feet. On lots with a detached garage, two additional accessory buildings are permitted, neither of which exceed 200 square feet, subject to the district's lot coverage requirements. 
Boat / RV Parking
There shall be no front yard of boats or RVs on the grass or landscaped areas. Boats not exceeding 21 feet are permitted to be parked alongside or behind the house. Boats or RVs exceeding 21 shall be parked on an approved surface behind the front line of the house.
Commercial Vehicles
Parking and/or storing commercially licensed trucks, trailers, or buses with a gross weight over 6 tons (12,000 pounds) is prohibited for more than 2 hours in all residential districts.
Membrane / Temporary Structures
No more than 1 accessory building, i.e. detached garage, is to be constructed on a lot except that 1 additional shed may be allowed provided it is less than 200 square feet. Also, the design, exterior materials, and finishes of these structures shall be consistent with your home.
Off Street Parking & Loading 154.010 (J)4(a)
(J) Off street parking & loading.
4. Construction and maintenance.
(a) Surfacing. Parking areas, driveways, and parking lots shall be surfaced with an all-weather dustless material consisting of bituminous, brick, concrete pavers or concrete or an alternative material as approved by the Zoning Administrator.

Parking on Grass and Landscape Areas
Parking or storing vehicles on the grass or landscaped areas is prohibited. Vehicles shall be parked or stored on approved surfaces. Approved surfaces are as follows: asphalt, brick, concrete pavers, or concrete.
Protected Treatment / Exterior Surfaces
Exterior wood surfaces shall be protected from the elements and decay and be maintained in good condition. Peeling, flaking, and chipping paint shall be eliminated and surfaces shall be repainted or repaired by other protective coverings. Any rotting or decaying materials shall be removed and replaced.
Recreational Fires
Recreational fires do not require a permit from the City and are allowed provided the following is met:
• Hours of burning are 4 - 11 p.m.
• Clean dry wood (no refuse, grass, leaves, branches, paper, garbage, or other combustibles)
• Size shall not be more than 3 feet in diameter, flames reach no more than 3 feet in height, and there is no combustible material within 5 feet
• No fire is within 20 feet of any building or structure and a means of extinguishment must be in the immediate area of the fire
• Fire shall be constantly attended until completely extinguished
• No fire shall be started or maintained in dry conditions or winds over 15 miles per hour
• A water source such as a garden hose must be located nearby
Snow and Ice Removal
Sidewalks adjacent to your property shall be cleared of snow and ice within 12 hours after the snow and ice ceased to be deposited. It is illegal to deposit snow or ice on public streets or right-of-ways.
Storage of Inoperable Vehicles and/or Parts
Open storage of inoperable vehicles and/or parts are prohibited. Therefore, any vehicle which is unlicensed or unable to be driven shall be repaired, removed, or stored within a garage.
Storage of Trash 154.010 (A)12 (a)
12. Storage of trash.
(a) Residential uses. There shall be no front yard storage of trash or trash containers except in the 24 hour period prior to a scheduled pickup in residential districts.
Trees and Property Lines
Trees provide shade, purify air, enhance quality of life, and inspire poetry, but they may also inspire lawsuits. Whether the tree is yours or your neighbor's, it is prudent to know what sort of shadow it may cast. To learn more, view the In the Shade of the Tree Article (PDF).
Yard Maintenance
Property shall be maintained in a clean, safe, and sanitary condition. Yard shall be maintained in reasonably good condition being free from any accumulation of garbage and refuse. Grass and weeds shall be free from growth in excess of 6 inches.