Planning Commission


The Planning Commission is responsible for advising the Council on land use decisions such as: development, implementation and amendments to the City’s Comprehensive Plan, Zoning Code and Subdivision Regulations. The Commission reviews and provides recommendations regarding land use and zoning permit applications, conducts site plan review, and review of proposed capital improvements and public land acquisitions/disposals.

Commissions are citizen-advisory boards responsible for advising the City Council on matters within the commission’s area of expertise. They hold hearings, receive evidence, conduct investigations, and make decisions and recommendations to the Council.


Commissions meet on a monthly basis at City Hall in the Council Chambers. Commission members commit to a 3-year term, and are governed by City Ordinance and bylaws of their own creation. There are 6 members who serve on the Commission plus staff and Council representatives. 

Membership Applications & Eligibility

Residents interested in applying for a position on the Planning Commission can submit  the Membership Application Form to apply. All Commission appointments are confirmed by the City Council.

Submitting Agenda Items

Agenda items are submitted by the Wednesday prior to the week of a Planning Commission meeting date. Occasionally it is necessary to have a joint meeting with other Commissions or Authorities. 


  • Lisa Wong, Council Liaison
  • Elaine Barton, Chair
  • Patrick Blees, Commission Member
  • Erik Brenna, Commission Member
  • Rick Gelbmann, Commission Member
  • John Monge, Commission Member
  • Andrew Wise, Commission Member