2040 Comprehensive Plan

About the Plan

The 2040 Comprehensive Plan was developed under the guidance and supervision of the City Council, Planning Commission, Environmental Advisory Commission, and Parks and Recreation Commission. The plan was adopted by the Metropolitan Council and the City Council in December 2019. The plan has a 20-year time horizon and extends through 2040.

Comprehensive Plan Definition

According to Minnesota Statute ξ 462.352, Subdivision 5, a comprehensive plan:

Is a compilation of policy statements, goals, standards, and maps for guiding the physical, social and economic development, both private and public, of the municipality and its environs, and may include, but is not limited to, the following: statements of policies, goals, standards, a land use plan, including proposed densities for developments, a community facilities plan, a transportation plan and recommendations for plan execution.

 A comprehensive plan represents the planning agency's recommendations for the future development of the community. 

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2040 Comprehensive Plan (PDF)