Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Department aspires to protect and enhance the quality of life for North St. Paul residents while making it a daily focus to create a safe and beautiful City. Located within the Community Development Department, our mission is to serve as a resource for residents and business owners in an effort to find solutions for your property needs. Ultimately, Planning and Zoning is about creating and guiding the City, its neighborhoods, parks, historic downtown, and commercial components into a resilient future.

As a small extraordinary City, North St. Paul is a distinct place with many amenities and opportunities. Collaborative planning with citizens, businesses, developers, and institutions is integral to the City’s culture, as are public and private partnerships that promote a high quality of livability in North St. Paul.

Duties & Responsibilities

  • Maintaining and overseeing compliance with the City’s Comprehensive Plan
  • Complying and enforcing the Zoning Ordinances
  • Preparing updates and implementing the Redevelopment Master Plan, Downtown Design Manual, and Living Streets Plan, Park Improvement Plan, and the Resilient Communities Projects
  • Gathering and analyzing data in support of land-use policy
  • Reviewing commercial and residential projects for potential impacts on the City and its residents
  • Administering all zoning and land use applications
  • Coordinating with outside agencies such as the Metropolitan Council, League of Minnesota Cities, Washington-Ramsey Watershed District, and Ramsey County
  • Serving as the City liaison to the Planning Commission and Design and Historical Review Commission and brings recommendations to City Council.