Dumpster & Unattended Collection Bin Permits

Dumpster Permit Application

If you will be placing a dumpster on the street during your construction, you will need a Dumpster Permit. This permit helps us ensure and protect the integrity of the road surface by regulating the placement of the dumpster.

Dumpster permits are $20 per day. Dumpster permits must be obtained by a garbage hauler licensed by the City of North St. Paul. 

Unattended Collection Bin Permits

You must include the following with the Permit Application (PDF):
  • A sufficient drawing indicating the proposed location of the unattended collection bin on the property indicated above.
  • The text of the disclosures that will be made on the unattended collection bin as to a non-profit or a for profit organization.
  • The signed Terms and Conditions.
Note: A site inspection will be performed prior to issuance of the permit.

Dumpster Licensing &  Permit Applications