Establishment of the Economic Development Authority

The North St. Paul Economic Development Authority (EDA) was established by City Council in 2009 pursuant to the provisions of Minnesota Statutes, Chapter 469. The purpose of the EDA is to precipitate future development, increase the tax base, promote employment, and enhance the overall quality of life in a conscientious and coordinated effort.

The EDA can provide momentum and a vision for economic development that is not government-driven.

Powers and Duties

The powers and duties of the EDA include:

  • Create and define boundaries of economic development districts.
  • Negotiate options to purchase, sell, or lease property, or acquire rights or easements for economic development purposes.
  • Enter into contracts or become a limited partner in a partnership for economic development purposes.
  • May operate and maintain a public parking facility, housing facility, or other public facilities to promote economic development.

No action of the EDA may conflict with the Comprehensive Plan.

Goal Setting and Measured Success

In 2009, the EDA was created to achieve the following three goals.

Grow North St. Paul by broadening, expanding, and strengthening the existing economic development efforts with a focus on the long term.

  1. Actively work to support existing businesses to ensure that they stay in the community and assist with expansion opportunities.
  2. Develop and expand targeted business sectors to create additional jobs and strengthen diversity and the economy.
  3. Ensure that local infrastructure is adequate to support existing residents and businesses as well as future growth.

Revitalize Strategic Community Areas such as the west gateway (Highway 36 and McKnight Road) and the east gateway (Highway 120 and 7th Avenue) and the downtown city gateway (Margaret Street and 7th Avenue).

  1. Create a more mixed-use environment with housing, office and commercial development.
  2. Enhance a usable industrial space or redeploy obsolete space for more productive uses.

Change Perceptions by enhancing North St. Paul’s internal and external images.

  1. Create a positive brand for North St. Paul and market that brand to the Twin Cities metro area.
  2. Enhance community pride in North St. Paul and increase awareness of the many opportunities and amenities available locally.

The EDA continues to evaluate its progress in meeting these core goals and prepares an annual report to City Council on EDA activities and achievements.


  • Second Tuesday of the month
  • 3:00 p.m.
  • Online via Zoom and in the Council Chambers at City Hall


  • Terry Furlong, Vice President (2023-2025)
  • Brian Frandle, Executive Director
  • Josef Matthews, Member (2024-2026)
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • John Monge, Mayor 
  • Brandy Howe, Assistant Treasurer
  • Tim Cole, Council Representative
  • Brett Garry, North St. Paul Business Association Representative