Interim Use Permit

An interim use permit may allow a use:

  • For a limited period of time that reasonably utilizes the property in the manner not permitted in the applicable zoning district.
  • That is presently acceptable, but not permitted within the zoning district and, with anticipated development, may not be acceptable in the future.
  • That is not otherwise identified as a permitted, accessory, or conditional use, but may be appropriate in a particular district, is closely related to another permitted or conditional use, and/or the Zoning Administrator determines the use to be appropriate.

Review standards:

The City Council may grant an interim use permit if the use at the proposed location is compliant with the following:

  1. The use is consistent with the general purposes and intent of the Comprehensive Plan;
  2. The use will not adversely affect the health, safety, or general welfare of the city;
  3. The use is compatible with present and future land uses in the surrounding area and reasonably related to the overall needs of the city;
  4. The use or appearance of the use is compatible with adjacent properties;
  5. The use can be adequately supported by public urban services including the water supply, transportation system and capacity, police and fire protection, utilities, and sanitary waste disposal and stormwater disposal systems;
  6. The use will not create an excessive burden on existing parks, schools, and other public facilities that serve or are proposed to serve the area;
  7. The use will be sufficiently compatible or separated by distance or screening from adjacent residentially zoned land;
  8. The use is in harmony with the general purposes and intent of this chapter and the zoning district in which the applicant intends to locate the proposed use;
  9. The use will not create an intrusion of excessive noise, glare, or general unsightliness;
  10. Will not impose, by agreement, additional costs on the public;
  11. Will terminate upon a tangible date or event specified in the resolution approving said interim use permit; and
  12. If applicable, the proposed use is consistent with officially adopted city plans and overlays.

In permitting an interim use permit, the City Council may impose, in addition to the requirements set forth in the chapter, conditions considered necessary or appropriate to protect the public health, safety, morals and general welfare of the city and are deemed appropriate for permission of the use, including a condition that the owner will provide an appropriate financial surety to cover the cost of removing the interim use and interim structures upon the expiration of the interim use permit.


The application fee for a City of North St. Paul interim use permit is per the annual fee schedule. The applicant shall also provide an escrow at the time of application to pay all costs incurred by the City for the review of the application. Additional charges may apply if the consulting costs exceed the escrow amount. Under no condition shall the fee be refunded or waived for failure of the City to approve the application.

Apply online:

Interim Use Permit Application