Charitable Gambling Permit

A charitable gambling permit is required for all lawful gambling that is used to raise money for a charity.

Regulatory authority:

Chapter 112 of the Municipal Code

Licensing fee:


Application requirements:

  • Name and address of the organization requesting the permit.
  • Name and address of officers and person accounting for receipts, expenses, and profits for the event.
  • Dates of gambling occasion for which the permit is requested.
  • Copy of rental or leasing agreement, if any, connected with the event, including rent to be charged to the organization.
  • Estimated value of prizes to be awarded.
  • Businesses and organizations applying for a charitable gambling permit with exempt status must also complete the following form

Review procedure:

  • Application submittal
  • Review of application for completeness
  • City Council review and action
  • Issuance

Apply online:

Charitable Gambling Permit