Right-of-Way Vacation

General requirements:

The vacation process must be scheduled through the Community Development and Zoning Department. Lead time is necessary to allow for staff review. Additional lead-time will be required if the City determines the potential impacts require more detailed study, or if review by other agencies is required. Incomplete application submittals will not be forwarded to the appropriate  Commission or Council until all required information has been provided.

All completed applications and accompanying materials are due 30 days prior to the scheduled Planning Commission meeting. This requirement allows for:

  • Plan distribution to City staff, consultants, and applicable government entities. 
  • Project review time and generation of staff reports.
  • Project meeting between City staff and applicants.
  • Meeting material preparation and distribution.

The North St. Paul City Codes guide and enable development activities within the City by ensuring proper and well-coordinated projects. The land use application is the mechanism that allows the City to examine proposed land uses to ensure compatibility with the City Codes, design and development standards, and the surrounding land uses and natural environments. The review is intended to ensure positive growth for the community.

All applications are reviewed individually and are evaluated based on their own merit. Each land use request has an associated checklist of required items. Applicants are encouraged to participate in an initial meeting with City staff prior to submitting a formal land use application. The initial meeting is an opportunity to informally discuss the conceptual idea of the proposed project in an effort to reduce delays. Participation in the initial meeting does not provide approval, or guarantee approval of the project. The City shall not accept plans, drawings or other information related to the project except upon submittal of a formal application. The City reserves the right to reject an incomplete application.

Application fees:

  • Refer to the Right-of-Way Permit Section of the Fee Schedule for the Land Vacation process fees
  • The Land Vacation process also requires a minimum of $1,000 escrow

Review procedure:

  • Initial meeting with City Staff
  • Application submission and fee payment
  • Public Notice
  • Planning Commission
  • City Council action
  • Record with the County

Application requirements:

The applicant will be required to 

  • upload a map of the area proposed to be vacated
  • upload letters from affected property owners if applicable (see the attachment section of the application for recommended language)
  • upload a map of any utilities in the proposed vacation area

Apply online:

Apply for a Right-of-Way Vacation online here