Dumpster/Temporary Storage Container Permit

If your project requires you to place a dumpster and/or temporary moving container on the street, you will need to apply for a Dumpster/Temporary Storage Container Permit from the City of North St. Paul. 

General Requirements:

  • Permits will be granted only to City-licensed dumpster haulers.
  • The dumpster or container company shall make all necessary efforts to assure the material integrity of streets, alleys and public right-of-way. This may include the placement of boards or similar products to prevent damage. 
  • The City of North St. Paul reserves the right to limit the placement, and/or the number of days allowed.
  • Please note: all  4 sides of the box should be covered with reflective tape that is at least 2 inches wide and 3 feet in height from the base.

Licensing fees:

Review procedure:

  • Application submittal
  • Review of application for completeness
  • Issuance

Apply online:

Apply for a Dumpster/Temporary Storage Container Permit online here