Right-of-Way Permit

Licensing fees:

Application requirements:

  • Right of Way permits are required for any work in the public right of way near streets, including street cuts and underground work that extends into the public right of way.
  • You will be prompted to upload your plans showing the location and extent of the work during the application process
  • Gopher State One Call requires all excavators to read and follow the terms in this state statute
  • A security deposit or sureties may be required to ensure proper restoration of the surface and to cover payment for any damage to streets or right-of-ways.
  • Contractors must have a current right-of-way registration with the City of North St. Paul before any permits can be issued
  • It is expressly understood that this permit is conditioned upon the replacement or restoration of the street or right-of-way to its original or to satisfactory condition as directed by the City Public Works Director.
  • It is further understood that this permit is issued subject to the approval of other authorities having joint jurisdiction over said street or right-of-way. It is also understood that all costs bore by the City for replacement or restoration will be paid for by the Applicant/Contractor
  • Applicant must call 651-747-2409 for inspection before backfilling.

Pertinent regulations:


  1. Flags, flares and barricades shall be erected to protect traffic and persons.
  2. Traffic to be allowed to pass and to be protected at all times. If it is not possible to allow traffic to pass, a suitable detour must be provided.
  3. Barricades to be erected in a manner which will provide suitable visibility in all directions.
  4. If blasting is necessary, precautions must be exercised.
  5. Excavations must be cribbed when necessary, depending upon type of soil, in order to prevent cave-ins.
  6. No guys or strays to be attached to trees on trunk highway right-of-way.
  7. Underground construction must be so constructed as not to harm or unnecessarily destroy the root growth of slightly or ornamental trees.


  1. Installation of pipe under concrete or high type of bituminous pavements to be done by jacking or boring.
  2. When trenching across surfaced roads, material excavated must be piled separately.
  3. All back-filling must be placed in 6” layers and thoroughly tamped and material must be flush and even with the road surface when finally in place.
  4. If pavement or roadway is damaged, same shall be restored to original condition.
  5. Concrete pavement or roadway to be replaced according to State specification.
  6. If settlement occurs or excavation caves in so that replaced materials settle (bituminous mat or concrete base), same shall be restored to it original condition.
  7. No pole anchors, braces, or other construction to be put on roadway shoulder, except by permit authorization.
  8. No driving on to highway from ditch or driving on shoulders where damage will occur.
  9. When an installation is made by jacking or boring, a pipe or casing of larger dimension must be used to encase the service pipe.


  1. No lugs shall be used on equipment traversing road that will damage the road surface.
  2. Roadside should be cleaned up and restored after work is completed.
  3. If drains are installed, they must be of sufficient size in order that overflow and damage to property will not occur.
  4. No work shall be done which will create a nuisance.
  5. After work on a project is completed, said persons doing such work must notify the Public Works Director that such work has been completed and is ready for final inspection and acceptance by the City of North St. Paul.

A security deposit or sureties may be required to ensure proper restoration of the surfaces and to cover payment for any damage to streets or right-of-ways.

Review procedure:

  • Application submittal
  • Review of application for completeness
  • Issuance

Apply online:

Apply for a Right-of-Way Permit online here