Santa's Message

Santa comments on letters received from North St. Paul 

Santa has been very busy reading all of the letters received from his special mailbox in North St. Paul. He reached out directly to Mayor Monge with an update on the children in North St. Paul.

Santa was very impressed with all of the kids who worked hard to be on the nice list. He also mentioned how proud he was of the kids who put themselves on the naughty list with the promise of working hard to quickly make a move to the "nice list." Santa said to keep up the good work! 

The children of North St. Paul are very organized and offered practical tips to help Santa and his elves out. Many sent in lists with items ranked and some even included pictures and order information to help Santa save some valuable time. Santa was also impressed with everyone's good manners. "Other cities don't have as many children who say please and thank you like they do in North St. Paul," Santa told Mayor Monge. "It also warmed my heart to see so many children asking for gifts for others," said Santa. Some of the top requests for family members included a cello for mom, Mellow Yellow for dad, and a television for the entire family to enjoy. Some children simply requested more time with their families and a few asked Santa to bring their mom a flower.

Santa wanted all of the children to know how much he enjoyed their letters and especially the drawings he received. He said a few letters gave him the giggles, especially the one that suggested he might want to ask Mrs. Claus to pick out a few items in case he wasn't sure what would look best. He told Mayor Monge he's also looking forward to all of the cookies the children in town have promised to have out for him when he makes his rounds later this week. 

Santa had to rush off to finish getting everything ready but he wanted the children in North St. Paul to know he's thinking about them and doing his very best to grant at least some of their holiday wishes.