Inability to Pay

Inability to pay application for utility shutoff protection

Cold Weather Rule Effective October 1st through April 30th

The Cold Weather Rule provides you with these rights and responsibilities:

The Right: to declare your inability to pay your utility bill.

The Responsibility: to complete the Inability to Pay Application and return to North St. Paul. The application is mailed with the September bill as well as with all pending disconnection notices. This is also available 

The Right: to a mutually acceptable payment arrangement with North St. Paul that takes into account the income of the household.

The Responsibility: to provide documentation to North St. Paul or to Energy Assistance that the gross (before deductions) household income is less than 50% of the state median income, and to make payments as arranged during the program dates.

The Right: to appeal a notice of involuntary disconnection of service. Written notice of appeal must be delivered to North St Paul before the disconnection date. The customer will be notified when the appeal is reviewed. No disconnection of service will take place during the appeal process.