Mailbox Repair Policy

The mailbox repair/replacement policy clearly identifies the process for residents to notify the City of suspected damage and what the expectations for repair/replacement are from Public Works for mailboxes that may have been damaged by a City snow plow.

If a resident suspects a plow may have damaged their mailbox they must contact City Hall within 48 hours after a snow event at 651-747-2409. The City will conduct a review of each mailbox incident to determine whether the City is responsible, and if so, if the City will replace the mailbox or provide reimbursement for the mailbox. Only mailboxes actually hit by a snowplow will be the responsibility of the City.

The City will not be responsible for damage to mailboxes or support posts caused by snow or ice coming into contact with the mailbox or for mailboxes not in compliance with USPS standards.

At the mailbox owner's request, the City will replace the mailbox with a standard-size, non-decorative mailbox and replace the support post as necessary with a 4" x 4", decay-resistant wood support post. Both the post and the box will be installed by City staff. The City is not liable to replace decorative or custom-built mailbox structures.

Alternatively, the City will reimburse the mailbox owner up to $75 for the replacement of the mailbox and post if a receipt and reimbursement request are submitted.

For questions regarding the City's mailbox repair/replacement policy or to report damage to a mailbox, please contact the Public Works Department at 651-747-2409.