Adopt a Drain

It's very important to keep our storm drains clear of leaves and other debris. Leaf litter, like other yard waste, contains lots of phosphorus, which can create eutrophication in lakes and ponds. Commit to just two fifteen-minute storm drain cleaning sessions a month to make a dent in these water pollutants before they make it to your favorite body of water.. Already an Adopt a Drain volunteer? Consider adding another drain adoptee to your repertoire. 

Signing up as a volunteer takes less than five minutes:  

  1. Sign up at
  2. Keep the drain clear. Remove all trash, leaves, grass, road salt, and other waste from blocking the drain. It takes just 15 minutes two times a month. That’s it!
  3. Track your progress. Report the amount of estimated debris you collect and enter it into your Adopt A Drain online account. This helps to track the program’s impact.
  4. Get others to join you. Are neighbors asking what you’re doing? Let them know and encourage them to sign up. Let your friends and family know too.