Grand Marshal 2023

The Fall Round Up Parade is delighted to announce Tom Schifsky as the parade's 2023 Grand Marshal.

Tom SchifksyTA Schifsky & Sons began operations in 1944 with the purchase of a tractor. Tom Schifsky’s father bought the tractor to keep his five sons, Earl, Leroy, Billy, Tom M and Jerry busy and out of trouble. Tom and his family have been an integral part of North St. Paul and the business community ever since.

The company began by doing landscaping jobs and eventually expanded to driveway contracting, parking lots and tennis courts in 1947. The company was founded in Shoreview, but the Schifsky family had to move to accommodate the construction of 694.

The North St. Paul Village Council approved the Schifsky company to purchase land from the Village in 1958 to relocate their business. As soon as the title paperwork cleared they began construction on their first asphalt plant. They hosted their grand opening with a ribbon cutting by Miss North St. Paul Doreen Sorenson.

The Schifsky family worked together building the business with the company’s leadership remaining in the family. Tom Schifsky, the Fall Round Up 2023 Parade’s Grand Marshal started with the company in 1970. His service to the North St. Paul community spans multiple decades including working to collect snow from Silver Lake to build the first North St. Paul Snowman.

In addition, Tom Schifsky and his company have sponsored the History Cruze Car Show for over twenty years, supported several local organizations and groups including the North St. Paul Food Shelf and the North St. Paul Toy Shelf. Schifskys were also provided many of the materials for the construction of Veterans Park.

Tom Schifksy and his company have helped the City throughout the decades and in the early years even helped plow snow for the City and when the City did not have enough equipment.

Today the T.A. Schifsky company operates a state-of-the-art facility capable of making 40 different gravel mixes including and eco-friendly porous mixes. They also offer landscape rock, sand, winter mix and saltsand. They offer a fully certified scale and host their own asphalt testing lab.

Tom and his company pride themselves in delivering high-quality work, and for usually being the first plant to open and the last plant to close each season in the state of Minnesota.

The North St. Paul Business Association is proud to honor Tom as the grand marshal for the 2023 Fall Round Up Parade on Thursday, September 14 at 6:00 p.m.