Flood Resiliency

Flood resiliency plan

Have you noticed flooding in your neighborhood? Are there areas that flood frequently? Help the City of North St. Paul address and plan for flooding by participating in the Flood Resiliency Plan.

The City of North St. Paul was awarded grant funding in 2022 from the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) to complete a Flood Resiliency Plan in 2023. In partnership with the Ramsey-Washington Watershed District (RWMW), the City of North St. Paul will re-evaluate the City's flood risk and prepare a flood prevention plan that focuses on protecting vulnerable neighborhoods.

The City of North St. Paul requests your assistance in identifying flood-prone areas and providing general input on flood issues. Please visit NSPFloodPrevention.com to report areas that have experienced flooding or to provide general input on flood issues in your area. Your feedback and experience will help shape the final Flood Resiliency Plan that will be submitted to the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency in June 2023.

Why is flood planning important?

  • Helps people, communities and systems thrive in the face of adversity
  • Manage stress and uncertainty during a flood event
  • Continue to develop and improve over time

How do you plan for floods?

  • Assess the community's land use plans and policies
  • Identify and implement various flood mitigation measures to reduce risk
  • Work with the community to plan for and respond before and during a flood

What is Flood Resiliency?

  • Minimize damages during times of flooding
  • Reduce risks to people and infrastructures
  • Provide flood storage areas

What can you do to help?

  • Landscape with native vegetation
  • Don't irrigate when rain is in the forecast
  • Complete and distribute the survey
  • Attend and help promote the Community Open House

Review our engagement site here https://nspfloodprevention-wsbeng.hub.arcgis.com