Utility Wraps

Phase 1

The results are in! These are the images you selected for our utility wrap project 

Bookstore Option 1

  • on 7th Ave. in front of Paperback Plus Bookstore

7th-Margaret Option 3

  • on the corner of 3rd St. and 7th Ave. 

Follow our progress. Be sure to watch the website, social channels and City e-news for updates and other ways to engage with the Commission’s projects.

7th Ave. Wrap Before


7th Ave. Wrap After


Finished Wrap at 3rd St. and 7th Ave.

utility wrap 3rd St and 7th ave

Phase 1.5

The Arts and Culture Commission selected several images for the most recent phase of the utility box wrapping project. The Commission chose to use nature themed images to align with the backdrop of the area. The boxes are located just north of the 7th Ave and 2nd St intersection. 

Deer Wrap

Flower Wrap 4