McKnight Watermain Frequently Asked Questions

What work is proposed?

The City of North St. Paul is working to continue to provide residents with safe water for years into the future through the City’s Watermain Improvement projects. Upgrades to replace the 80-year-old cast iron watermain will be completed this year along McKnight road from 11th Avenue to 17th Avenue. This project is being completed this year in order to precede roadway overlay work planned by Ramsey County in 2024. Although an inconvenience to our daily routines, construction is necessary to ensure that safe water can be provided to residents for many years to come.

How much notice will be given regarding the schedule of anticipated construction?

The City of North St. Paul provides many ways to keep you informed throughout the project including the City’s weekly e-news, construction alerts, website, and social media.  Project updates are sent weekly at a minimum and contain specific updates, detour instructions and other helpful project news. 

SIGN UP online at >Street and Utility Projects>McKnight Watermain Improvement or text “McKnight to 38276. Questions? Need account help? Email

Will I always have access to my driveway?

Residents will have access to their driveways for the majority of the construction project.  There may be short periods during the day where a resident may not have access to their driveway due to watermain construction. Property owners will be provided as much advance notification as possible when access to driveways will be restricted. During these times, which will be minimized to the greatest extent possible, alternate parking will be available to residents in lieu of driveway access.

What are the project work hours?

The City of North St. Paul has specified the following work hours:

  • Monday – Friday between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.
  • Saturday between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
  • No work on Sundays or Holiday

Will the areas of my lawn that are disturbed be replaced?

Most lawns should not be greatly disturbed.   However; sections of maintained lawn that need to be removed for construction will be restored with topsoil, fertilizer and sod at the end of the project. The contractor is responsible for watering the restored area for 30 days until it is established following installation, after which it is the homeowner’s responsibility. All residents will receive mailings notifying them of the end dates of the contractor’s maintenance period, as well as tips on how best to care for the new lawn.

How are landscaping features and lawn irrigation systems dealt with during construction?

The contractor will work to protect most items such as small retaining walls, landscape features, or irrigation systems found in the homeowner’s yard. For underground items such as invisible pet fences and irrigation lines within the City right-of-way, all homeowners are responsible to mark them so that the contractor can work around them and protect them as much as possible from damage. If you have any landscaping or plantings you want saved, please plan to remove these items from the right-of-way as soon as possible. If you believe an item has been damaged or may need to be replaced please contact the hotline for further assistance.

How are special deliveries, weddings, graduation parties, garage sales etc. to be addressed during construction?

If you are anticipating a special delivery, open house, graduation party, or any other activity during the summer construction schedule, please notify the hotline of the time and date in which this will occur. The contractor and project staff will do their best to provide access and/or on-street parking as necessary.

Where will construction vehicles and materials be stored overnight and over the weekend?

Construction materials, such as watermain pipe, will likely be stored temporarily within the City right-of-way on the boulevard adjacent to the proposed installation location. Construction vehicles and materials will NOT be stored within private property or block access to your driveway.