7th Ave. Street and Utility Improvement Project

On March 7, 2023 the City Council accepted and awarded the project bid to Eureka Construction Inc. 

The approved project includes work along:

  • 7th Ave. from east of Helen St. to 1st Street
  • Helen St. from 4th Ave. to Seppela Blvd.
  • 4th Ave. from Helen Street to 7th Ave. alley
  • 7th Ave. alley from 4th Ave. to Margaret alley

The project improvements include concrete paving, bituminous paving, concrete sidewalk, storm sewer, sanitary sewer, watermain, landscaping, street lighting, and appurtenant work. 

Work is planned to start in May 2023 with a final completion date of June 2024.

Residents interested in following the construction updates can sign up for alerts online at https://northstpaul.org/1116/Sign-up-for-Alerts-Notifications (Street and Utility Projects>7th Ave. Street and Utility Improvements) or by texting NSPStreets7thAve to 38276.

7th Ave. Project Location Map

The project includes reconstruction of streets, sidewalks, watermain, sanitary sewer, storm sewer and landscaping in the project area. The roadways in the construction area will be closed to traffic during construction.

 Access will be maintained as follows:

  • Businesses on the north side of 7th Avenue will have access to parking areas from Seppala Boulevard from the west via 2nd Street North.
  • Businesses on the south side of 7th Avenue and west of Helen Street will have access from the alleys via 1st Street, and 3rd Avenue.  
  • Businesses and residents on the south side of 7th Avenue and east of Helen Street will have access from the alleys via Margaret Street.
  • Businesses with front door access to 7th Avenue will be maintained by temporary means with minor interruptions when new concrete walks are placed.  Contractors will work individually with businesses that only have access from 7th Avenue.
  • Properties north of Seppala on Helen Street will have access from Seppala Boulevard to the east of Helen Street

Businesses and Residents should expect to see the following activities between April 10 and April 17

  • Contractor equipment will arrive on site
  • Contractor supplies such as pipe and drainage structures will arrive on site
  • Construction survey staking will begin
  • Construction markings for removals of pavement, walks, curbs
  • GSOC utility markings will occur throughout the project area
  • Notification of traffic closure of the project area

The following work is planned to begin April 17

  • Detour setup and roadway closures
  • Contractor installation of erosion control measures
  • Contractor removals of pavement, walks, curbs
  • Contractor begins utility work