Stormwater Design Standards

City Stormwater Design Standards and Development Guide

The City of North St. Paul Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) identifies the goals and policies that define the City’s stormwater management program, which are implemented via the City Code (Chapter 14) and these Engineering Design Standards. North St. Paul stormwater requirements were written to meet the City’s goals to preserve, protect, and manage its water resources as well as to meet federal, state, and watershed stormwater regulations and to meet the following objectives:

Minimize increases in stormwater runoff rates from any development in order to reduce flooding, siltation and erosion and in order to maintain the integrity of stream channels;

Minimize increases in nonpoint source pollution caused by stormwater runoff from development which would otherwise degrade local water quality;

Minimize the total annual volume of surface water runoff that flows from any specific site during and following development so as not to exceed the predevelopment hydrologic regime to the maximum extent practicable;

Ensure that these management controls are properly maintained and pose no threat to public safety; and

Implement stormwater management controls to help meet current and future total maximum daily load (TMDL) goals, to address the need to improve water quality, and to meet objectives in the Local Surface Water Management Plan.

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