Fireworks Retail Sales 

No person shall manufacture, store, sell, or make a public display of fireworks without securing a permit.

Regulatory authority:

Chapter 133 of the Municipal Code

Licensing fees:

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Application requirements:

  1. Applicant name, address, and telephone numbers.
  2. Prior to processing the application, a criminal records check must be conducted.
  3. Floor plan designating the area of manufacturing, storage for commercial purposes or display, along with a list documenting the name, weights and quantity of the fireworks within the building and the material safety data sheets.
  4. A letter from the person legally responsible for the property on which the fireworks-related activity will occur. Such a letter shall grant permission to the applicant for the use of the property.

Review procedure:

  • Application submittal.
  • Review of application for completeness.
  • Prior to processing the application, the Fire Chief shall determine that the proposed location complies with the State Fire Code.
  • License issuance.

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