Therapeutic Massage Enterprise License

A therapeutic massage license is required for any person offering massage services for a fee or any person operating a therapeutic massage business in the City of North St. Paul.

Regulatory authority:

Chapter 110.26 of the Municipal Code

Licensing fees:

Review the current Fee Schedule

Application requirements:

  1. Applicant information: Name, address, and phone number.
  2. Property owner information: Name, address and phone number
  3. Business information: Owner name, business name.
  4. Minnesota Tax Identification Number or Social Security Number.
  5. Certificate of compliance Minnesota Workers' Compensation Law
  6. Certificate of liability insurance providing $2,000.000 accident/person and property damage
  7. Certified copy of diploma or certificate of graduation from an accredited institution.
  8. Demonstrated compliance with Minnesota Statute Chapter 146A.

Review procedure:

  • Application submittal
  • Review of application for completeness
  • Issuance

Apply Online:

Therapeutic Massage Enterprise License