Body Art Enterprise and Practitioner Licensing

No person shall own or operate a boy art establishment without a license

Body Art Enterprise

Regulatory authority:

 Chapter 154.010(D)(50) of the Municipal Code

Licensing fees: 

Per employee $2,000,  Annual renewal $150

Application requirements:

  1. Applicant information: Name, address, and phone number.
  2. Property owner information: Name, address, and phone number.
  3. Business information: Owner name, business name, and description of business activities.
  4. Minnesota Tax Identification Number or Social Security Number.
  5. Certificate of compliance Minnesota Workers' Compensation Law.
  6. Certificate of liability insurance providing $2,000,000 accident/person and property damage.

Review procedure:

  • Application submittal.
  • Review of application for completeness.
  • Zoning review to ensure compliance with the zoning ordinance.
  • Inspection required. The Minnesota State Health Department shall inspect each body art establishment.
  • License issuance.

Apply Online:

Body Art Enterprise License Application