McKnight Watermain Improvement

Council authorizes bids for McKnight watermain project

 The City Council authorized staff to advertise for bids for the pending McKnight watermain project. The proposed project locations for the McKnight Watermain Improvement project include:

  • Area 1: McKnight Road between 11th Ave. to 17th Ave.
  • Area 2: McKnight Road between 17th Ave. to Beam Ave.
  • Area 3: McKnight Road between Beam Ave. to County Road D

Ramsey County has proposed to overlay McKnight Road in 2024 or 2025, and the intent of the project is to address areas of the 80-year-old, cast iron pipe watermain that is prone to breaks at that age, prior to the roadway overlay work by Ramsey County. Several watermain breaks have occurred and have required repair by Public Works, which tend to be more expensive repairs than typical watermain breaks on city streets due to the thicker pavement and pavement patching and restoration requirements on North St. Paul by Ramsey County as the owner and local road authority for McKnight Road.
Council anticipates reviewing bids in December 2022 or early January 2023, and awarding the contract in February 2023. City Engineers anticipate construction to start in May of 2023 at the earliest.

Follow this project

Residents interested in following this project and receiving timely construction updates can subscribe to the "McKnight Watermain" alerts online here or by texting McKnight to 38276.