McKnight Watermain Improvement

Council authorizes McKnight watermain project

On February 7, 2023 the North St. Paul City Council approved the McKnight Watermain Improvement project along McKnight Road from 11th Avenue to 17th Avenue. There is a chance that further watermain improvements could occur along McKnight Road from 17th Avenue to Beam Avenue and/ or along McKnight Road from Beam Avenue to County Road D next year (2024), depending on funding.   A project location map of watermain improvements scheduled for this year (2023) is provided with this letter.  

The project will replace the existing 80-year-old cast iron watermain this year (2023), prior to roadway overlay work planned by Ramsey County in 2024 or 2025. The anticipated watermain improvements project cost along McKnight Road from 11th Avenue to 17th Avenue is estimated to be $1,010,808.70. This cost will be funded locally, and there are no proposed assessments. 

 It’s very important that you stay informed throughout the project as these improvements will come with road closures and detours that will impact your travel for the duration of the project.  Project staff will provide as much preliminary information on the project as is available, answer questions, and collect comments and concerns directly from you. If there are questions that cannot be answered at this time, we can provide additional information in the future via project updates, or schedule more personalized follow up appointments with individuals. 

 To help achieve all these goals and have a successful project, City staff invite you to a virtual open house on Wednesday, March 15 to learn more about this project. City engineers will give a short presentation about the project and then be available to answer any questions.

Connect with us.

 The City of North St. Paul will send you timely, specific project updates throughout construction. Please subscribe to the City’s McKnight alerts online at .  Simply provide your preferred email, cell phone and/or landline and language.  Or text McKnight to 38276.

 It is strongly recommended you sign up for project alerts, as this is the quickest way we can provide you with up-to-date information.

The City of North St. Paul thanks you for your continued partnership, understanding, and patience as we maintain and improve our infrastructure throughout the City. 

Watch the Project Information Meeting