Casey Lake Partners

Casey Lake in North St. Paul is managed by a team of professionals from a wide variety of agencies. These agencies work in partnership to ensure the lake's water quality and environmental health. Each agency continues to manage its individual responsibilities and stay in contact with each other as needed. Currently, the lake is responding as the agencies planned with improved water quality and healthy fish populations.

Ramsey Washington Watershed

  • Water quality testing
  • Weed harvesting
  • Educational support
  • Stewardship grants
  • Fish species management
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Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Ramsey County Public Works

  • Catch basin maintenance
  • Street maintenance (plowing and sweeping) along 17th Ave. E. and McKnight Rd.
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City of North St. Paul Public Works and City Engineer

  • Stormwater permit applications and required maintenance
  • Winter aeration
  • Maintain Casey Park grounds and City-owned shoreline

Ongoing care for Casey Lake

What the agencies can do:

  • Continue to monitor the lake's water quality
  • Work with homeowners to provide information, guidance and assist with permits
  • Watch for and apply for any grants that would benefit the lake
  • Ensure storm drains and drainage structures are inspected and maintained per City and State ordinance

What the agencies cannot do:

  • Artificially manage water levels
  • Work outside of current statutes
  • Work outside of their jurisdiction (responsibilities)

What the community can do: