The North St. Paul Pubilc Works team works throughout the winter to keep our streets clear of snow and ice. Here are some tips to help our plow drivers ensure the roadways are properly cleared.

  • Avoid travel during heavy snowfall. If you must travel, slow down, drive safely and stay several car lengths back from the plows.
  • Slow down and give the plows plenty of room to clear the roads
  • Never pass a snowplow on the right
  • Stay back at least 100 feet
  • Don't cut in front of snowplows or make sudden lane changes
  • When shoveling or snow blowing, move the snow into your yard. Don't push snow from your driveway into the street, boulevard, or shoulder.
  • Make sure your trash and recycling containers are away from the curb and located in your driveway or yard. The arms of the garbage collection truck will still be able to reach them if they're a few feet off the street.
  • Please observe the City's winter parking ordinance by keeping your vehicles off the City streets from 1:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m. from November 1 to March 31. There is also no parking on City streets anytime there is a 2+ inch snowfall until the streets are plowed curb to curb.