Project Area 2

Project Communications

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area2Project Area 2

Surface Improvements

Full pavement reclamation and curb and gutter installation

Street widening (10th Ave. )

Sidewalk repair

Underground/Utility Improvements

Reconstruction/addition of storm sewer

Reconstruction of water main and services

Construction Update 

May 12, 2023

Next week, Tuesday 5/16, the contractor is scheduled to remove and replace the broken sidewalk panels along 10th Ave and 3rd St. There will be NO PARKING permitted when the concrete panels are replaced t allow room for the contractor's trucks. Once the concrete is poured, it will be blocked off until it is cured (hardened), which takes approximately 7 days. 

All of the construction work is weather dependent and subject to change.

May 9, 2023

Tomorrow, 5/10-installing the final layer of pavement on 10th Ave and 3rd St. There will be NO PARKING permitted tomorrow for paving operations from 7am to 7pm along 10th Ave or 3rd St. 

Mid next week (5/17-5/18)-removing and installing broken sidewalk. Once the concreate is poured, it will be blocked off until it is cured, approximately 7 days.  

There will be NO PARKING permitted when the concrete sidewalk panels are replaced to allow room for the contractor's trucks. 

July 7

City contractors will install the first course of pavement along 10th Ave. and 3rd St. on Tuesday, July 12. There will be NO PARKING along 10th Ave. and 3rd St. on Tuesday until the paving is completed.
 Once the pavement has been compacted (flattened) it is okay to drive on.
 The second (and final) layer of pavement is scheduled to be installed next year (2023).
Please note our schedules are weather dependent and are subject to change.

June 23, 2022

City contractors are completing the necessary testing on the newly installed watermain. They hope to begin removing residents from the temporary connections to the new line later this week, and early next week. Please allow yourself extra time, should they need to close part of the road due to the installation of these water services.

Crews are planning to install new curbing along 3rd St. and 10th Ave. in early July. Please do not walk on the freshly poured concrete for 24 hour or park on the freshly poured concrete for 7 days.

June 1, 2022

Planned work in this area will increase as both the City of North St. Pau’s contractors and the contractors working on the North High project take advantage of the time between the end of the school year and the start of the summer term. Contractors will create three pits along 2nd St. as they work on the water line. We plan to have at least one lane of traffic open on 2nd St. at all times. They are planning to replace the pipe on 2nd St. early next week, then replace the pipe along 10th Ave., and then on 3rd St. such that likely all of the mainline pipe would be replaced by the end of next week (6/10).  Once the watermain is replaced, services would be connected to the new pipe.  Contractors have already started installing temporary water lines and they will begin connecting them to your services late next week (6/10), or early the following week (6/13). Once the temporary lines are in place you may need to run your tap for a while to achieve full pressure.  

Contractors for the North High project will also be working to reclaim the west parking lot of the high school, and 2nd St. south of 10th Ave, this Friday (6/3).  They are also preparing to connect new water, gas and sanitary sewer connections to the City’s infrastructure next week. There will be an increase in truck traffic in the area. Thanks in advance for your understanding and patience.

All of our work is dependent on the weather and our schedules may change.

May 25, 2022

Zone 2
City contractors will begin prepping temporary water lines along 2nd St. next week. Temporary water services will not be connected until all required water testing is complete. No roadways will be disturbed until classes at North High have ended for the year.  Once school is out, contractors will create some temporary bursting pits for access to the City’s watermain. These “burst pits” will limit access on 2nd Street while the watermain is being worked on, and be patched once the watermain work is complete

Access on 10th Ave. and 1st Street is anticipated to be open while work on 2nd St. is being conducted
All of our work is weather dependent and our schedule may change.

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