Project Area 1

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Area 1


Area 1 impacts the downtown parking lot, 6th Ave. E. and Charles Street. Proposed work includes the following:

Surface Improvements

  • Full pavement reclamation and new curb and gutter installation
  • Updated parking lot striping, islands, lighting
  • Electric vehicle charging stations
  • Pavement/curb rehabilitation (Charles St. only)

Underground/Utility Improvements

Replacement of existing storm sewer

Construction Schedule Updates

July 7

City Contractors will edge mill Charles St. in preparation for paving on Tuesday, July 12. They are also planning to install the final coat of pavement on the municipal parking lot on Tuesday, July 12.
There will be NO PARKING along Charles St., or in the municipal parking lot on Tuesday, July 12.
Charles St. is scheduled to be paved on Wednesday, July 13. There will be NO PARKING along Charles St. on Wednesday, July 13 paving is complete. Once the pavement has been compacted (flattened) it is okay to drive on.
 6th Ave. is scheduled to have the second (and final) layer installed next year (2023).
 Please note our schedules are weather dependent and are subject to change.

June 23

City contractors are working to put the finishing touches on the downtown parking lot. North St. Paul Electric continues to install wires for the new parking lot lights. They will power them on as soon as they receive and install the necessary wires. Currently, we’re planning to mill and overlay Charles St. and complete the final course of pavement in the parking lot in mid-July.

Due to the hot weather conditions, the City's contractors will stabilize any lawn disruptions with temporary mulch. Crews will return in late August or early September to install sod or seed in the area.

June 1

Contractors are putting the finishing touches on the curbing and the new sidewalk along the City’s municipal parking lot. They will begin reclaiming the asphalt in the remaining section of the parking lot early next week. North St. Paul Electric will install temporary power to the existing poles to provide some lighting to the area. Paving for the first layer of blacktop in half of the lot and 6th Ave. is planned for mid-June. Paving along Charles St. will take place later, and an update would be sent when we become aware of the schedule.

 All of our work is dependent on the weather and our schedules may change.

May 25, 2022

City contractors will be pouring curbing along 6th Ave. and Charles and then into the new parking lot area on Thursday, May 26 and Friday, May 27Please do not drive or park on the concrete for seven days, or walk on the concrete for at least 24 hours. 

Crews will also be working on gravel corrections along 6th Ave. Paving the first layer along 6th Ave., Charles St. and the new parking area is planned for the week of June 1.

All of our projects are weather dependent and our schedules may change.

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Construction Update from the City of North St. Paul May 19, 2022
Contractors in zone 1 will be removing curb along 6th Ave. E. beginning Friday and resuming Monday of next week. There is no work scheduled for Saturday or Sunday.  The intersection of 6th Ave. and Charles will likely have two disruptions tomorrow for portions of the day.  This would be to connect storm sewer and watermain.  They will try to keep traffic flowing as smooth as possible, but it is recommended to take alternate routes if feasible. Residents along 6th will be without water for a short period of time while the contractor connects their services to the new watermain, and the contractor should be in contact with approximate times. 
We plan to pour new curbing in the area on Tuesday, May 24 along 6th Ave. and Charles St. Please allow at least three days for the concrete to cure before driving on it, and 24 hours before walking on it.
All of this work is weather dependent and our construction schedule may change. Thank you for your patience.

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Work planned for the week of May 16

Beginning the week of May 16, the contractor is scheduled to continue watermain testing, connect water services, and replace storm sewer along 6th Ave.

Planned work for the parking lot the week of May 16, the contractor is scheduled to replace storm sewer, perform miscellaneous grading, and potentially begin installing conduit for street lights. 

All of this work is weather dependent.
Thank you for your patience as we work to improve the City's infrastructure.

City Contractors are planning to begin work in Project Area 1 of the City's 2022 Street and Utility Project on Monday, May 9.

Contractors will begin curb and tree removals in the public parking lot off of 7th Ave. They will also begin reclaiming the pavement from the easterly side of the parking lot along 6th Ave. E. The City is asking all residents and businesses to only park on the west side of the lot.

There is a planned detour at 6th Ave. E. and Charles St. beginning on Tuesday, May 10 through Friday, May 13 for utility replacements. The detour route will be signed.

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area1street work

The North St. Paul City Council reviewed plans for the downtown parking lot reconstruction at their March 1 Workshop meeting. Morgan Dawley, City Engineer, presented two options for the parking lot layout. The Council has directed staff to look into adding a more defined pedestrian walkway and incorporate more trees/greenery into the plans. 

The first option design expands the number of parking stalls from 146 to 164. The second option adds a pedestrian walkway resulting in 155 parking stalls.

Striping/Layout Option 1

striptingplan options-1

Striping Layout Option 2

striptingplan options-2