Grand Marshals 2021

Fall Round Up Parade Announces Grand Marshals for 2021

Norma Worm

normawormnewsflashAs a long-time and involved resident of North St. Paul, Norma was invited to a motivational speaker’s workshop at City Hall. The groups were tasked with the challenge to come up with ways to promote and support the North St. Paul Community. It was during this presentation that the idea for the North St. Paul Toy Shelf was born.

 It’s Norma’s firm belief that every community needs to invest in its children since they are our future and she didn’t waste any time making her idea a reality. Norma reached out to the City of North St. Paul, area businesses and other community partners to establish the Toy Shelf on July 5, 2005.

 The Toy Shelf provides free toys to families in the following zip codes: 55109, 55119, and 55128. Norma has worked tirelessly to promote the Toy Shelf to area non-profits and service organizations to ensure no child goes without a birthday or holiday gift.

 For the last 16 years, Norma and her group of volunteers have collected, displayed and distributed gently used toys, books, and games to over 14,000 area children. Even during the pandemic, Norma worked to ensure families could safely come and “shop” the Toy Shelf. Norma wasn’t going to let COVID stand in the way of helping families and children.

The entire North St. Paul area community is indebted to Norma for her service.

Elizabeth Kolbeck

 eliizabethnewsflashElizabeth Kolbeck was raised in district 622, and couldn’t wait to be an official volunteer. Luckily, at the ripe ol’ age of 8, it began. More recently, Elizabeth created North St. Paul’s Holiday Hop in 2013. Giving the community a day filled with free activities and adventure every December. A tradition that continues to this day, thanks to the philanthropy of local businesses and volunteers!

 In 2014 Elizabeth was asked by the History Cruzers to organize the Fall Round Up Parade, for which she was honored to volunteer for seven years. She has also volunteered her time with planning boards, commissions, committees, camps, and schools.

Elizabeth celebrated 25 years with her husband Greg this summer, a blessing she never imagined. The great joys of their union; children Kally and Alexander also raised in district 622.

 Elizabeth is a small business owner/operator at BakkenWood Hair Studio since 2008. Located on 7th Ave E. in North St. Paul with co-owner, and pal Maura Humsey. She has a deep gratitude and affection for the great people in and around this historic town, who without fail show her the best of humanity every day.

 “It’s not about how I feel, it’s how I want to make others feel.” ~A Volunteer