Field Use Guidelines

Guidelines for City Ball Field Use

The following guidelines must be observed during the use of the city of North St. Paul’s facilities. The permit applicant/league director/team manager and all participants are responsible for compliance. Non-compliance may result in permit revocation and/or the denial of facility requests. The City Manager may cancel a permit effective immediately if it is determined that a group’s use is not in the best interest of the city of North St. Paul.

  1. The city of North St. Paul buildings and grounds are available for public use as guided by North St. Paul city Policies. 
  2. Permits are issued for dates, hours and fields as specified on the permit. Groups must conclude their activities according to the time listed on the permit. Permits are not transferable and must be carried to the permitted event.
  3. Revisions/cancellations prior to the event are subject to a Cancellation Request Fee.
  4. Activities are limited to the purpose for which the facility was designed. The facility must be left in the same condition as it was found. 
  5. Permit holders must create a safety plan that follows all MN Dept. of Health (MDH), MN Dept. of Education (MDE) and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines. The city of North St. Paul may request a copy of the plan at any time. 
  6. Weapons, illegal drugs and disorderly conduct are strictly prohibited in all city parks including parking lots.
  7. Permit holders must agree to assume all responsibility for damage or liability of any kind and agree to hold faultless the City of North St. Paul from any expense in connection with the use of fields, facilities and/or equipment. 
  8. All associations are required to provide liability insurance listing CITY OF NORTH ST. PAUL as an additional insured.
  9. All facility users must agree to assume all responsibility for damage or liability of any kind and agree to hold faultless the City of North St Paul from any expense or costs in connection with the community use of the fields, facilities and/or equipment.
  10. Usage, rental charges and other fees shall be assessed by the city of North St Paul. Payment shall be made to CITY OF NORTH ST. PAUL at the time of registration. The city of North St Paul reserves the right to require full or partial payment prior to the first date of the event.
  11. Permits for scheduled activities may be canceled or amended to accommodate unforeseen events, emergencies or calendar changes.
  12. In case of inclement weather or other emergencies, all scheduled activities are canceled unless approved by the Public Works Supervisor or a designee. Check the city’s website at for the most current updates.


The permit holder agrees to assume all responsibility for damage or liability of any kind and to hold faultless the City from any expense in connection with the use of the City facilities and/or equipment. In addition, due to the highly contagious nature of the current COVID-19 virus outbreak and potentially any other virus that can be contracted from both symptomatic and asymptomatic people, the City of North St. Paul  assumes no responsibility for the contraction of any illness as a result of your participation in this activity or resulting from any facility use/rental. All participants are required to comply with social distancing expectations. Failure to do so could result in removal from the program and the premises and/or cancelation of the facility permit. The City will not be responsible for determining whether or not any participant has or does not have COVID-19 or any other illness before, during or after this activity or facility use/rental. Anyone having any illness is required to not attend the activity/event this permit was issued for. It is the City's recommendation that during the COVID-19 pandemic that the participant consult their doctor before participating and follow the CDC guidelines related to social distancing and wearing personal protective equipment.