Citywide Garage Sale

Citywide Garage SaleThanks to everyone participating in our 2023 Citywide Garage Sale on May 4-6

Register your North St. Paul address, pay the $10 registration fee and receive

  • A Garage Sale Yard Sign
  • Have your address and sale information listed on the City website
  • Be part of the city and community-wide event promotion
  • Receive a free Eco bag from North St. Paul Electric with LED light bulbs and other energy-saving information

Register your sale here

Participating Address Sale Dates Featured Items
2465 1st Ave. E. May 5-7 Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Toys, household items, seasonal decor, ladies clothes, 
some sporting goods, children's clothing. 
2302 7th St, N. May 6-7 Clothes, bikes, music, art & vintage
2533 7th Ave. E. May 4-6 Multi dealer sidewalk sale - lots of treasures and deals galore 
2537 7th Ave. E. May 5-6 Skateboards, Scooters, Fingerboards, Skateboard Hardware, Apparel 
2306 12th Ave. E. May 4-6 Antiques, toys, baby clothes, household items, tools and some new
2480 13th Ave. E. May 4-5 Household Items, Clothing, Hats, Shoes, Decorations, Art, Crafts, Gifts
2697 16th Ave. E. May 4-6 Clothes, household items, craft, Knick-knacks, furniture
2027 17th Ave. E. May 406 Household, dollhouse, miniature collectibles, adult clothes, misc.
2313 17th Ave. E.   Brand new household items, Funko pops, video games, 
comic books, clothes, dishes, books, toys, etc.
2353 17th Ave. E. May 4-6 Clothing, furniture, housewares, seasonal decorations, misc. treasures
2640 17th Ave. E. May 4-6 Tools, fishing gear, tons of new and used toys, lots of vintage household decor, 
pottery, baskets, farmhouse decor, jewelry including sterling silver, small furniture, 
pictures, and so much more!
2662 19th Ave. E. May 4-5 Name-brand adult clothes, Name-brand toddler clothes Purses/Jewelry/Shoes HH/Linens/Kitchen
Some Collectibles/Vintage Seasonal/Outdoors, Crafts, Books/Frames. Toys, Misc.

2168 Belmont Lane E   Clothing toy's miscellaneous AC/Heater combination 
2107 Burke Ave. E. May 5-6 Huge Collection of Depression Glass, Toy Chest, Lift Chair , 
Wall Hangings, Home Decor, Moving Boxes & Bubble Wrap, Rocking 
Horse and Much More.
2582 Burke Ave. E. May 5-6 Lots of kitchen items, new and slightly used including a cricut cake mini cutting machine,
other misc items and exercise equipment 
2081 Cardinal Glen Rd May 4-6 Furniture, household items, kids books, toys, collectibles, 
stereo & speakers, lamp, craft supplies and more. 
2330 Charles St. N. May 4-7 Kids clothes, toys, couch, adult clothes, trampoline, household items, dvds, snails
2597 Dianne St. May 4-6 Household, toys, baby items, carpets
2104 Eldridge Ave. E. May 6 only Multi-family sale, vintage, collectibles, hot pepper/sweet pepper/tomato plants,
jewelry and lots of miscellaneous
2630 Eldridge Ave. E. May 4-6 Multi-family sale, reasonable prices, many new items, household, furniture, toys,
men's and women's clothing, linens, rugs, pictures, lamps, DVD players, 
PS3 games, DVD Movies
2668 Eldridge Ave E.   Household, collectibles, jewelry, clothing, tools
2025 Henry St. N. May 4-6 Furniture, clothing, bed and more
2195 Holloway Ave. E. May 4-6 Household items, games, kitchen stuff
2393 Holloway Ave. E.   Household goods, kids items, clothes
2218 Jennifer Cr. May 5-6 Kids toys and clothes, household items, crafts, kitchen and bar accessories,
lots of new and in box items
2787 McKnight Road May 4-6 Kitchen, craft/materials, linen/bedding, lamps, art, clothing, canning jars, misc.
2360 Navajo Rd.   Clothing, household goods, decor, kitchenware
2016 Park Row May 4-6 Furniture, baby, kids, and adult clothing, toys, craft items, sporting goods, 
tools, household items, small appliances, bikes, electronics.
2039 Park Row   Tools, household items, car parts, clothes, other goods
2057 Park Row May 406 Furniture, Christmas, dishes, household and more
1974 Parkway Dr.   Collectibles, figurines, cabin decor and much more
1978 Polaris Pl May 5-6 Moving sale! Furniture, tools, kitchen supplies, clothing, and more.
2233 Ryan Ct. May 4-6 Multi-Family Garage Sale. Home decor, kitchenware, storage/organizers, 
clothing, shoes, books, toys, games, bags, and so much more! 
2588 Seans Way May 4-5 Housewares, Children and Adult Clothing, Toys, Books, Games -
Multi-Family Sale! All proceeds will go to support a local charity.
2302 Shoshone Rd. May 6-7 Kids, household, baby items
2454 Shryer Ave. E. May 4-5 Toys, crafts, household
2585 South Ave. E.   Collectibles, coins, kitchen, home decor, clothing(dozens of vintage T-shirts 
with fun logos/pictures), minor equipment, fishing items, household items, 
misc. items, something for everyone. 
2345 Skillman Ave. E. May 6 Everything is FREE! Please stop by.