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Posted on: January 15, 2018

North St. Paul Offers Competitive Fees

Late last year, City Council directed staff to review the current Municipal Fee Schedule and make recommendations to City Council on a proposed 2018 Municipal Fee Schedule. The objectives of the project were to propose fees that are competitive with neighboring cities, eliminate unnecessary fees, and make North St. Paul desirable and marketable for current/future residents, business owners, and developers. After reviewing the data, staff felt that they could achieve their goals by decreasing some fees that had increased at greater rates than other cities, eliminate some fees found only in North St. Paul, and keep some beneficial fees that are lower than the neighboring communities. One example is the reduction in the building permit application fee which is based on the valuation of the job. The amount was lowered.

The Sac and Wac (sewer and water availability charge) fee that the City collected for sanitary sewer and water hook up for 2017 was $7,350. The fee for 2018 is $300. The new fee makes North St. Paul more competitive in the regional market.

Another example of the 2018 fee change is Pet License Registration. The annual fee of $25 is the same as last year, however, the licensed registration covers a two-calendar

New this year, you will see a decrease in the amount of pages in the monthly newsletter. Council directed staff to decrease the newsletter to a two-page publication, in order to reduce the monthly printing costs.

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