Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste Collection Service

Garbage & Recycling Collection Service - Starting September 4, 2019

The City of North St. Paul has City-wide residential Garbage and Recycling Collection Service that was established in 2001. Tennis Sanitation, LLC proudly serves North St. Paul residents. Tennis is a family owned and operated local company who has been serving customers since 1966

New Carts
The City of North St. Paul has purchased new Garbage, Recycling, and Yard Waste carts. Delivery of the new carts will begin the week of August 19 with deliveries completed by August 30. Residents will receive the same size garbage cart they are currently using, along with a 65-gallon recycling cart and a 95-gallon yard waste cart (if previously subscribed to yard waste service).

Residents will continue to use existing carts until August 30
The collection of residents existing carts will begin on August 27. During this last week of August, current carts will be picked up after they have been emptied. Weekly service on the new carts will begin on September 4th. Existing (old) carts will remain at the curb until they have been picked up.

New Service Rates Effective September 1, 2019
The following new rates (35 Gallon Service 18.97% Savings, 65 Gallon Service 6.07% Savings, 95 Gallon Service 5.42% Savings) are set to provide savings as well as an increase on garbage service compared to the current rates. Along with the new rates, the City absorbed a nearly 19% increase in disposal costs by the Ramsey / Washington Recycling & Energy Board.

35 Gallon

Garbage Cart

Garbage - 65

Garbage Cart

95 Gallon or 65 + 95 = 160 Gallons

Garbage Cart

Recycling - 65 Gallon Only

Recycling Cart

Yard Waste - 95 Gallon Only

Yard Waste Cart

Garbage & Recycling Collection Service - Starting September 4, 2019

§ 55.03 Collection: City-Contracted Service
Containers shall be placed properly at the curb for pick-up not earlier than 6:00 p.m. the day before scheduled collection, and removed from the curb not later than 6:00 a.m. the day after scheduled collection. 

Garbage and Recycling is picked up weekly. You have a choice of a 35, 65, 95 or 160 gallon container (95 + 65 gallon) for garbage service. Recycling in a 68 gallon contain only.

35 Gallon65 Gallon95 Gallon160 Gallon

Sales Tax 9.75%
CEC 28%
$10.61 monthly

$15.25 monthly
$18.73 monthly

$7.50 monthly
No Tax

Yard Waste

$7.00 monthly
or On-Call Bag Service

Customer Service
All customer service is handled by the City of North St. Paul. Please call our direct line at
651-747-2416 or Email to:

  • Report a missed pick up  
  • Report a damaged cart   
  • Change cart size  
  • Start service / Stop service  
  • Schedule a bulk pick up

Yard Waste Collection Service
Yard waste collection is a weekly service for residents that runs April 15 through November (weather permitting) and is picked up on the same day as your trash pickup. Yard waste is an annual cost that is billed monthly for the entire year. Once you register for yard waste service you will receive a 95 gallon cart. To start the service please call the City at 651-747-2416 or email.
Please note: You may no longer have unlimited service with compostable bags however, on occasion you may put out a few bags or bundles of brush and you will be billed.
Cost: $2.00 per bag or bundle of brush.

Yard waste is defined as leaves, grass clippings, branches and soft-bodied plants such as garden debris. State law states that you cannot mix it with other trash. It is against City Ordinance to rake leaves into the street or to burn them, and you may be fined.



Household Hazardous Waste

Household hazardous waste is defined as paint, chemicals, oil and other products marked, "Caution", “Warning”, "Danger" or “Poison”. Ramsey County offers a year-round collection in Saint Paul at Bay West, Inc. (5 Empire Drive, between Jackson Street and Rice Street, just north of Pennsylvania Avenue). Temporary collection sites are located throughout the county from April through October.  For more information, please call 651-633-EASY (3279), answered 24/7 or visit:

Organics Recycling Drop-Off Program

Ramsey County now offers an organics recycling drop-off site. For more information, please call 651-633-EASY (3279) answered 24/7 or visit the

Ramsey County Guide for Recycling & Disposal Yard Waste

For information and hours of operation of Ramsey County Yard Waste Sites, call 651-633-EASY (3279) or visit find information on backyard composting and contact information for the Master Gardener program.

Ramsey County Fix-It Clinic

Get household items fixed for free and learn valuable repair skills at an upcoming Fix-It Clinic.